Somis, California, August 20, 2015:  Are you ready for the future of the music video? Ready for a sonic/visual experience beyond anything you’ve ever seen?  SoCal Band, Galvanized Souls, takes the virtual reality plunge with a new 360° immersive music video.

For its latest high-energy rocking single “New Generation,” (listen here:New Generation on iTunes) independent alternative rock band, Galvanized Souls, have become pioneers in the world of Virtual Reality and music. Today the band launched one of the world's first cinematic narrative virtual reality music videos.

Galvanized Souls recognize the changing landscape of the music and entertainment industry and fully embrace the opportunity to create a truly intimate, exhilarating and immersive experience for their fans.

“Ours is a new generation and virtual reality technology has arrived with us, and it is here to stay.”- Chris Traylor, lead singer Galvanized Souls.

“We want our fans to have fun experiencing  a new and exciting way of enjoying our music and videos.”  - Matt DeMartini, Galvanized Souls.

Video director Matthew Gratzner adds, “I loved the song when I first heard it; it has such a great message and structure that it was perfect for a Virtual Reality experience. I always try to push the boundaries in each VR project I create, and the New Generation video gave me an excuse to take the technology to new heights. We not only have continuous floating camera moves that transport you from one created reality to the next, but we also have multiple layers of action that carry you through the narrative, engaging the viewer to look around and explore the world.”

Continuing to push the evolution of music videos in virtual reality, the “New Generation” video tells a story complete with characters and narrative—from a medieval sword battle to a 1970’s cop shootout.

“The VR music video is an entire new way for forward thinking artists like Galvanized Souls to connect with audiences.” Says executive producer Brandon Zamel of Springbok Entertainment. “Galvanized Souls wanted to embrace all the strengths of the medium. This meant that highlighting the incredible technology was not enough. Just as “New Generation” tells a story with its hard hitting sound and driving lyrics, the visuals take viewers on an adventure that has never been done before.”

Immersing the viewer in these scenes required some tricky VFX work too. The project’s digital effects supervisor, Jeff Jasper, alpha-tested groundbreaking VR software tools created by The Foundry that made the VFX work easier.

Gratzner underscored the importance of the collaboration with Galvanized Souls saying, “And finally, I have to give credit to the band—their diligence, focus and professionalism, not to mention their sense of humor, made the shoot an exceptionally action-packed and fun experience—and it shows in the final product!”

The video is a non-stop action-packed and humorous ride that showcases the cinematic virtual reality experience like none other. The immersed viewer will feel like they are in the middle of the action with the entire band. To see for yourself, you can view the technology on Youtube through the mobile app or Chrome browser, or download the dedicated “New Generation” app on iOS, Android and soon to be released GearVR.

The creative partners for Galvanized Souls include the visionary VR and immersive storytelling entertainment production company, Springbok Entertainment, Oscar winning and Virtual Reality trailblazing 21st century creative studio, New Deal Studios, and the digital imaging company, Immersive Media, specialists in spherical immersive video.

Led by Brandon Zamel, Founder and CEO, Springbok Entertainment blends the worlds of entertainment and technology across various mediums, including feature films, television, music, live performances and marketing experiences. Previously, Zamel led digital and interactive content at Johnny Depp’s production company. @SpringbokVR

The video is written and directed by New Deal Studios’ own Matthew Gratzner. An award-winning visual effects supervisor and experienced director of feature films and commercials, Gratzner has created and expanded the possibilities of immersive filmmaking with one of the earliest examples of Virtual Reality cinema, THE MISSION, as well as directing VR experiences for the National Hockey League and more. New Deal Studios is known for their visual effects works including the DARK KNIGHT series, HUGO, THE AVENGERS, SHUTTER ISLAND, INCEPTION, and the Academy Award-winning INTERSTELLAR. New Deal Studios showcased at The 2015 Sundance Film Festival and 2015 SXSW Conference for their virtual reality film, KAIJU FURY. @MatthewGratzner @NewDealStudios

Galvanized Souls and this all-star team hope to inspire musicians and content creators to take advantage of the Virtual Reality platform delivering new and exciting experiences to people all over the world. Using this groundbreaking technology for a music video is a dream come true for Galvanized Souls. The members of Galvanized Souls pride themselves on being able to use unconventional means to bring new music to the world. The opportunity to collaborate with Springbok Entertainment and New Deal Studios, to define and expand the VR storytelling space, allows the band to achieve this dream on a truly innovative and epic scale. @GalvanizedSouls

Here is the behind the scenes documentary for the official music video produced and directed by Erika DeMartini and Jared Sagal, Rockerrazzi Filmz:

On August 29, 2015, Galvanized Souls will be demonstrating their video at VRLA in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center.  On October 21, 2015, Matt and Chris of Galvanized Souls will be featured panel speakers at Digital Hollywood at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, CA discussing the process of producing the "New Generation" VR experience with the director, Matthew Gratzner and Producer, Brandon Zamel.

Galvanized Souls perform live at notable venues coast to coast and will be releasing a new EP soon.  

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